O l i v i a

ahh wow. I just love people so much. Everyone is so individually different, made up of so many different levels of loveball emotions - some unforeseen as of yet - but in short, you’re all a bunch of lovely people whom I hope and pray find the ultimate love there ever is and ever was.

I mostly spent my day in my pajama’s, drinking tea and coffee, eating cookies and seeing the hearts of beautiful people. It absolutely blows my mind how wonderful some people can be. This afternoon I had coffee with my brothers girlfriend, Ellie, (we use to be the bestest friends when we were younger, now we’re just like 2 peas in a pod), oh my goodness she is so absolutely wonderful, and has the biggest heart of gold i’ve ever seen. It was such a blessing to have her share a little bit of her heart with me. Thank God for Angels :).

Tonight I’m going to connect group with a wonderful bunch of life changing gals. Can’t wait to see them :).

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